monumental decision

Square UP, Smuggin' & Other Changes

In an effort to make my client interactions as seamless as possible, I've made a lot of changes in the past few months. First I made the monumental decision to move my website to This move, in turn, led to a complete rebranding that I had been considering for some time. Moving to smugmug means that it is now easier than ever for my clients to view and purchase images from their sessions. Thanks to the services at I will now be able to accept credit and debit card purchases in person. This means when my clients order specialty items like accordion books or custom designed luxe cards, I will be able to accept payment in person without requiring anyone to log onto the internet to complete their transactions. The move to smugmug meant that some specialty items would have to be moved to offline sales. Since these items are very personal custom designed pieces, it makes sense.

Many of you noticed a name change on my personal Facebook page last year. While I seek to be open and accountable, I shy away from sharing too much of my personal life in public forums. After careful consideration, based on several queries I've decided to explain the company rebranding and name change. The simple explanation is that the name change resulted from a divorce. Since Mr. Callander and I have no children together, I decided to revert to my maiden name, Karen Kelly.  I've not used this moniker for almost 20 years, but for some reason, it just seemed right.

The decision to change my surname led to the inevitable question, 'does the name 'Callander Photography' still make sense?'  On the one hand, I felt that my business was finally becoming known in the local market, and yet, on the other, I knew that the decision to rebrand should be made sooner rather than later, if at all.  While I was pondering this decision, I made the choice to migrate my web presence to smugmug.  There was no way to keep the same look on smugmug that I had on without investing substantial capital or the time to learn more about css and html than I wanted to know. At first I balked at the visual change because I painstakingly built my original website from scratch and was happy with the design. After a few days, I just decided to embrace the change wholeheartedly and plunged in headfirst and included a complete rebranding into the process.

If you're a longtime client, I sincerely hope that you don't find these changes alarming! The essentials of who I am, the essence of what was Callander Photography, has remained constant. I only seek to improve the way I serve you. If you are a new or prospective client, just know that I will always look for new and improved ways to make my service to you as seamless and easy on you as possible.  Feel free to leave comments or suggestions here or on my facebook page. I love hearing from my clients and take your concerns to heart.