Emily | A surprise afternoon session.

Sometimes the light is just so yummy that I just have to grab my camera. Luckily, Emily isn't camera shy because I love shooting her. I might be a tiny bit biased, but I just LOVE this face. Ok, so the light was yummy and she is beautiful but it also gave me the chance to try out my new camera.

For those of you interested in cameras and equipment, read below for my thoughts and musings (translation: me gushing about my new D610).

I recently upgraded to a Nikon D610. For the past few years I've been shooting with a Nikon D7000. The D7000 was a great purchase at the time, but I've been really chafing to make the move to full frame. I have to say, I wish I hadn't waited so long! Upgrade purchases are always tough decisions for me. I started out with a Pentax 35mm SLR film camera in the early 1990s and a part of me still feels like the artist is more important than the gear. There will always be shiny new gadgets to spend money on, but I always feel compelled to delay new gear purchases unless I can say with 100% certainty that the purchase will allow me to grow and progress as a photographer. Then, one day last autumn, I was second shooting a wedding for Anna Kinchen, a wonderful photographer whom I love working with. When I second shoot, I generally use only my own gear. This wedding was a little different as Anna was actually part of the wedding party. At some point, Anna handed me her camera and asked me to shoot a few casual shots of her with the bride, the other bridesmaids and a couple of family members. One shot and I was in love. In that moment of clarity, I knew without a doubt that I needed to move to full frame.  I came home and continued to shoot with my trusty D7000 but every image from every session was a little disappointing. Now that I knew what I was missing, I wasn't satisfied with anything I shot.  I started declining sessions and putting off regular clients because I didn't even want to shoot anymore. I knew I had to either upgrade or consider giving up as photographer.

I finally pulled the trigger at the end of March. the D610 is MINE! As soon as I got my hands on my new camera, I screwed on a lens and started taking test shots.  The first image I uploaded actually brought tears to my eyes. On the screen, I saw irrefutable evidence that I had made the right choice. The quality is astounding! I actually look forward to shooting again, in fact I find almost any excuse to shoot now. It sounds cliche, but I am in love with photography again! I think I can safely promise that you'll be seeing a lot more activity on the blog. In fact, I have a family session scheduled for tomorrow.