Does the idea of a photo session make you nervous?

A lot of us feel a bit awkward in front of the camera. Yes, even me! But part of my job is to make YOU feel great in front of my camera. Most of the time, it's easy to interact with my clients and put them at ease and it's almost as if the camera all but disappears. Other people have a harder time letting go of their camera-induced-anxiety and it can really make a difference in the final images. 

I ran across this video from Creative Live and I thought I'd share. It's great for people who are a bit shy, a little nervous, a touch awkward or just need the boost of confidence that comes from controlling their own body language. 


Fox Family {Fall Family Mini Portrait Session, Atlanta GA}

A couple of reasons that I love mini-sessions because they provide the perfect way for new clients to "try out" my services at a discount and it gives me the chance to meet and shoot new people.  Autumn is the perfect time to schedule a mini-session. Think about it, nature is really putting on a show right now. The trees have all changed into their bright and gaudy winter coats - red, orange, yellow, deep purple - the colors are endless!  Did you know that there are a whopping 338 parks in Atlanta?!  If you're in Atlanta, you are literally a stones throw away from a great, colorful outdoor space.  You couldn't ask for a better backdrop for holiday portraits!  

I had the opportunity to meet Crosby and her sweet family this past weekend at Dellwood Park.  Dellwood is a lovely slender slip of a park.  Four lanes of Ponce De Leon traffic flank the front side of the park but it's amazing how tranquil it feels when you're standing in the perfect balance of open space and mature deciduous trees. A paved path dotted with wrought iron benches every few yards, runs along the back of the park.  Dellwood Park provided the perfect backdrop for this sweet family mini-session.  I really loved how the mostly neutral color palette of their outfits contrasts with the vibrant fall foliage! 

If you haven't scheduled your holiday portraits, call or email me today to try a mini-session! Through the month of November, you get a 30 minute session and 8 retouched high-resolution digital images - just in time to order those fabulous holiday cards!



Karen Kelly Studios Fox Family 1fb.jpg
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Jennifer | Atlanta Senior Photographer

Jennifer is a junior at Henry W. Grady High School in Atlanta. My daughter, Emily, and Jenn became friends last year when we moved to Atlanta. I liked her right away and I was excited to learn that Jenn is an aspiring photographer. Her work is already really good! Talk of photography and photoshop naturally led to talk of a photo session. I honestly don't know who was more excited, me or her! We finally got together this past weekend and here are the results.


Karen Kelly Studios - Jenn-03.jpg
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