Neglect No More!

I am almost ashamed for neglecting my blog for so long.  I have such a backlog of sessions! I plan to post some each day until I get caught up. I know, I know, I did leave my instagram feed up to keep my blog from feeling completely lonely and empty.... aw heck, who am I kidding? Instagram is no replacement for photos of my fabulous clients! My clients are the best and I honestly can't wait to show you what I've been up to these last months! I hope you'll forgive my shameful neglect Many of you know that I recently relocated from the itty bitty town of Thomasville, GA to Atlanta, GA. As you can well imagine, moving an entire household is a huge task. Even now, I'm only beginning to recover.  Of course, before I moved, we had to house hunt!

I've been busy buying not one, but TWO homes, moving an entire household 4 hours north, driving u-hauls up and down I-75, getting my little princess enrolled in a new school system, getting lost dozens of times, trying to figure out just what to do with all the things that I can't take along...oh, and working! Somehow...I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

One of the most challenging aspects of the whole thing was trying to figure out just how to merge two households into one and end up with a comfortable and stylish home. My man is a more human version of Don Draper. His style is impeccable, sleek, modern and almost minimal. NONE of those words would ever be used to describe my personal style. Not that I've ever tried to define it, per sé, but I have heard others use terms like eclectic, shabby chic and cottage.  Yeah, THOSE two style aesthetics don't really play well together. {giggle} So I did what any smart woman would do. I gave all of my stuff to my daughter to furnish her first apartment! Well, except for the stuff I stored at my parents' home. To be honest, there is quite a mountain of stuff that I couldn't bring myself to part with and I'm planning on bringing it up bit by bit when I go home to visit. I'm curious to see what he's going to say when I come back with a 4 foot long antique dutch dough trough?  I'll let you know!

Happy New Year!




As 2011 comes to a close, it's natural to turn our thoughts to all things new. New habits, new beginnings, new chances. As for me, I've decided to be happy. I'm going to focus on things that will bring happiness, health and wholeness to my life and the lives of those people in my life. I hope you choose your happy in 2012.