Get your Grassroots On!

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I love coffee. Positively ADORE it. And not just any old coffee. I love GOOD coffee. My favorite possession is probably my espresso machine. It's nothing fancy, mind you, but it does the job and it does it deliciously. I love my espresso machine so much that I tossed my old 12 cup coffeemaker out. It made crappy coffee and deserved to die a violent death. It never got the water hot enough so all it ever made was a bitter, disgusting brew. But I digress.  The only thing better than fresh espresso in your own kitchen is having someone else handcraft you a delicious mug of hot espresso and steamed milk while you catch up with great friends at Grassroots Coffee. It's one of my favorite places, ever. I can honestly say that I've spent more time and more money there than at any other single business in downtown Thomasville.  It's great for catching up with a friend over steaming cups of java, hunkered down on the comfy sofa and for meeting up with your book club, church group, committees, etc. Dogs are welcome too!   And the coffee is exquisite. Now that they've expanded their offerings to include lunch, there's really no excuse NOT to get down to Broad Street and check them out.


I think my clients deserve to get their Grassroots on! The next 5 folks who refer a friend to book a session with Callander Photography will get a $25 gift certificate to Grassroots Coffee. If coffee isn't your thing then you're probably an alien. No, I don't really mean that! What I meant to say is that Grassroots offers so much more than coffee. There are delicious smoothies, teas, desserts, breakfast munchies, and one of the best lunch menus in town. I could eat the chicken salad every single day! So even if you don't particularly care for coffee, there is something for everyone at Grassroots.