Not So Happy New Year

 2014 started off a little rough at our house.  On December 29 (which happens to be my son's birthday) we lost Jones, our Dalmatian.  Calling him "ours" is a bit of a stretch, because although we shared the same home and spent much of our time together, Jones was a one-man-dog. He adored Chris, my boyfriend, with every single fiber in his being.

Chris rescued Jones from a horrible environment when he was only 5 months old and Jones became his constant companion for over 11 years.  Losing Jones made the new year less celebratory than it might have been. Here are a few snapshots of our sweet friend.


 On January 1, we received word that Chris's mother had passed away. Losing your mother is never good, but this happened right on the heels of losing his best friend of 11 years. I can't begin to express how devastated Chris has been. Obviously, when you love someone, their pain becomes your pain. The past week has been one long, sad, pain. Forgive me if it takes a while to get back into the swing of things but I promise I will be back! I am determined that 2014 will end on a much higher note than which it started. First though, there will be a time of healing.   

Here is one of my all time favorite photographs. It was just an impromptu iphone pic but I love it. This was taken Christmas 2012 of Chris and his mother, Marie.

Chris Vaughan and his Mother, Marie Richards

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