Chelsea's Senior Portraits

Ever heard the saying the cobbler's son goes unshod ? Maybe it should be the photographer's child goes unedited.  That saying really hit home yesterday when I discovered an entire session that I did with my oldest daughter the year she graduated. Out of 130 images, only 2 or 3 had even been processed. I was filled with both glee at finding this bevy of images and heartsick that I let them sit for so long. Talk about feeling like a heel!  I had completely forgotten they even existed.

Opening that folder and seeing those images ushered forth a flood of memories. In an instant, I remembered the session like it was yesterday. The late afternoon wamth, gathering up accessories and wardrobe items, quilts and baubles - all sorts of details. The girls and I piled into my little SUV and drove to an empty lot that had once been the home to a grand old house and a huge and thriving nursery. The house was long gone as were all of the greenhouses and other buildings on the property, but the trees and shrubs were still there.  There once carefully manicured landscape had turned into a forest wonderland with blooming camelias, azaleas and lilies poking through the undergrowth. Stately magnolias and giant oak trees stood sentinel, like majestic bearded soldiers while scattered palm trees seemed more like leaning drunken sailors.  It was the perfect location to let our imagination and creativity run wild.

The images I captured that day will always be some of my favorites, even if it took me two, no, three years to actually do anything with them. Thank goodness for the large hard drive that allows me to keep all my images And so, belatedly, I present to you Chelsea's Gorgeous Senior Portrait Session. 



chelsea1 senior portrait session ©karen kelly studios atlanta ga.JPG
chelsea3 senior portait session ©karen kelly studios.jpg
chelea senior portrait session karen kelly studios
chelsea 5 senior portrait session ©karen kelly studios.jpg
chelsea 6 senior portrait session ©karen kelly studios.jpg
chelsea7 senior portrait session ©karen kelly studios atlanta ga.JPG

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